1. Applicable for underground structures, outside walls and separations, canals sewage constructions, water and  
    petroleum tanks, swimming pools, agricultural facilities, etc. 
2. Impermeable to most known liquids from both negative and positive sides without additional known protections.
3. Resists to  Heat/Cold fluxes and provides stable temperature on the inner surface of outside wall and doesn't 
    allow the formation of water condensation and biological new-growths. 
4. Cost per square unit of wall is less at least at 3 times compared with cinder block’s wall.  

    No more complications with the standard rebar installation, pouring of mortar into voids of regular cinder blocks,  
    waterproofing, expensive pargeting and painting of masonry, which take tremendous amount of labor time and 
    supplementary materials and equipment.  
    Now it is just ºBLOCK and KALMATRON® MORTAR !
Some theoretical issues are published in "Article ºBLOCK"

ºBLOCK is uncompetitive as the most reliable and inexpensive CMU.